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Join our team of leading international talents and be part of our fast growing international community of artists.

Kos Pictures is the definitive destination for professional photographers specialising in yachting and boating imagery.  Founded by award winning sports photographer Kos in 1992, the agency strives to meet the growing demand for high quality photography of the marine lifestyle environment worldwide.

We are already the largest independent photographic supplier of creative yachting and boating imagery and we believe that specialised niche market libraries such as ours are the way forward.

We offer photographers access to a broad variety of markets with more creative opportunities in the digital age. We work closely with our clients and photographers to ensure that the online content, which is updated daily, is in line with the demands of the marketplace.

Our digital workflow ensures a speedy time to market for your images. We aim to process your submission in approximately two weeks so that your images reach our clients in the shortest possible time. In order to achieve this quick time frame, we do need photographers to download and read the submission guidelines carefully. 

Kos Pictures is actively looking for new stock from talented photographers of the highest professional standard in America and Asia.

If you want to submit your images, please follow these steps:

1. Register. When registering, select ‘Photographer’ as your Company Type, this will allow us to treat you as a photographer and not a client. Registering with the correct details is very important and will allow us to manage our relationship efficiently.

2. Browse the site. Have a good look around, the more you are familiar with us the better you will be able to shoot for the market. On one hand, be aware of what we already offer as historically these are the images that sell. On the other hand, with new submissions we do not want to just repeat more of the same, so new styles and subjects are also of interest.

3. Submission Requirements. For your images to be accepted, they must meet our submission guidelines. Read these carefully and use the checklist to make sure your images meet the requirements.

4. Send us images! Please send us a TEST selection with a minimum of 50 high res images on a DVD for the attention of the Library Manager, Kos Picture Source Ltd, PO Box 104, Midhurst, GU29 0BH, United Kingdom.

Submission Guidelines - Brief Outline:

  Images can be submitted either on DVD or on external hard drive

  Uncompressed 24-bit (8 bits per channel) RGB (Adobe 1998) at 300dpi

  TIFF or JPEG (Level 10 minimum) format

  Minimum size 30mb, with no flattening, paths or extra channels

  Digital Cameras – we accept files from the following digital cameras. 35mm: Canon EOS: 1D/1DS (Mks1/2/3), 5D, 30-50D; Nikon: D2X(s), D3(x), D200-700 and the Leica M8/9. All medium format backs produce sufficiently high quality images to be accepted by us.

  Scanned files – In general, we no longer accept digital files originating from scanned transparencies. The only exception is images of historical significance and when they have been drum scanned by a professional scanning house or scanned using the approved desk top film scanners from the following list: Imacon 949, 848, 646, 343; Fuji Lanovia Quattro and Finescan; Creo Eversmart Supreme 11, Eversmart Select 11, IQsmart 1/2/3

  Do not use interpolation and Unsharp Masking. We need to assess the quality of the original file.

  Metadata (captions and keywords) embedded in the IPTC fields (File Info).

  Model and Property releases should be supplied whenever possible. Please contact us for an official template.  

New contributors will need to send us a TEST selection with a minimum of 50 images on DVD. This initial selection will be assessed for both technical and creative ability and suitability of the subject matter for our markets. You may find that browsing our website will help you decide whether or not your images will be successful.

Be aware that we are unable to process your submission unless you clearly label your DVD with your name, telephone, country of residence and e-mail address. Please also include the number of images on the disk. Please note that we cannot return any DVD submitted. Images not selected will be deleted from our server.

If your first submission is successful, then you will be supplied with our Contributor's Agreement.

   Agencies, Libraries and stock distributors

If you are a photo library not specifically known for holding yachting and boating images, or if you have high quality pictures relating to our market that are rarely requested or bought from your current portal, please let us know. Kos Pictures has the ability and the knowledge to represent these images on a dedicated site.

Our customers come to us - and keep coming back - because they know that we have the quality, the breadth and style of images they are looking for. We also have all the website features and functionalities you would expect from a large stock image provider, but with the personal high level of service of a specialist photo agency and library. Our website is rated highly amongst the best stock providers for its usability, relevancy of our search engine, reliability and speed.

Whether you have a bespoke collection of RM images to aim at a specific market or you would like to distribute Royalty Free imagery and CDs via our virtual CD store, we have the resources and the expertise to license your images to our specific market sectors.

   Image Partner Agreement Overview

  Contributor retains copyright and any other intellectual property rights at all times

  Contributor decides if images supplied are to be licensed on RM or RF or any other licensing model available on our website

  Royalties are based on 40% for Rights Managed (RM) and 20% for Royalty Free (RF)

  Images must be submitted as per the submission guidelines

  You appoint Kos Pictures as your exclusive distributor for Rights Managed imagery and as your non-exclusive distributor for Royalty Free imagery

  Other distribution terms and agreements are available


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